What is the Emerald Podcast Study Group?

These gatherings offer a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the mythic themes presented in the podcast.

This is a space designed for questions, conversation, and a shared exploration of mythic studies. Participants are invited to co-create and contribute to a conversational container, allowing for the flow of something animate, the emergence of the timeless, and the revelation of the luminous within our discussions.

These study groups serve as an exploratory period, a chance to address the curiosities and insights that participants have encountered in their own journeys into mythic studies. While the structure of each session may vary—ranging from open Q&A to more focused discussions on specific topics—every meeting is rooted in the pursuit of deeper understanding and connection with the mythic.

Join us as we navigate the layers of myth and meaning, fostering an environment where timeless wisdom can glisten and inspire. Whether through spontaneous dialogue or structured exploration, the goal remains the same: to illuminate the pathways of mythic knowledge and understanding together.

By becoming a patron you will get access to The Emerald podcast’s monthly study groups which explore the themes and topics of the podcast in greater depth, as well as access to patrons-only discussions and content on the Patreon page. And of course… the great feeling that comes with supporting the imaginative vision of The Emerald.