The Ways a Story Can Arrive

In this video taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh discusses the many ways that a story can reveal itself. Join along as Josh explores the mysterious force at the heart of the universe and how it expresses itself and unfolds.

In this session, Josh delves deep into the essence of myths, the mysterious forces that shape our universe, and how they unfurl through stories to touch our lives in unexpected ways. Myths, according to Josh, are not mere tales from the past; they are vibrant, living entities that continue to evolve, influence how we perceive the world, and shape our interactions within it.

Josh posits that myths are akin to a pattern of waves, emanating not only from the storyteller and listener but resonating through the very fabric of existence, from the air we breathe to the technology that connects us. He invites us to ponder the origin of stories, suggesting that every story is an amalgamation, a continuation of narratives as ancient as the river’s flow or the wind’s whisper. This exploration is not just an academic exercise but a communal experience, offering a chance to connect, celebrate, and honor the living, breathing nature of myth. Through this discussion, Josh challenges us to see myth as a dynamic force, forever weaving the new from the threads of the old, reminding us that we are all part of this eternal storytelling tapestry.