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The Revolution Will Not Be Psychologized, Part 2 (Interview w/ Bayo Akomolafe)

Báyò Akómoláfé  is an author, celebrated speaker, teacher, and self-styled trans-public intellectual whose vocation goes beyond justice and speaking truth to power to opening up other spaces of power-with. In this episode of The Emerald, Báyò joins Josh for a deep-dive discussion into how the Western psychological vision shapes modernity, and the need to expand into alternative stories of what ‘being’ means. Says Báyò: “Psychology is complicit in the creation of Western modernity. It is not a thing apart. Its disciplinarity, its history, and its legacies are tied up with the industrialization, commodification, manufacturing, replication and reproduction of the human subject. How we think about what it means to be human, what it means to have agency, what it means to think, who has cognition, who doesn’t have cognition — all of this is tied in with the historicity of psychology.” Using animate tradition as a foundation, Josh and Báyò explore Norse and Polynesian trickster myths, trauma discourse, and Puritanism, and pay homage to the gods of in-between spaces as they explode open a vision of being, bodies, and sentience that are vast, wild, and porous.