How can we reclaim our connection to a living world in the midst of times of cultural fracture? What practices have formed the foundational basis of ritual traditions across the ages? What is animacy? How do we integrate experiences of rapture into daily life?

These are some of the topics that Josh explores in his ongoing twice-monthly study groups and through the courses he offers. Drawing on a lifetime of study and mythic exploration, Josh dives into questions of deep cultural relevance at a time when people are looking to rediscover a spark of connection to a living world. Weaving storytelling, sound, and vibrant discussion, these videos offer a small taste of what podcast patrons and course participants can expect when they dive into deeper study of the mythic traditions.

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On Prāṇa, Shakti and Consciousness

Josh delves into an exploration of kuṇḍalinī drawn mostly from Tantric understandings of consciousness. He references ancient texts, that portray kuṇḍalinī as a universal wave of consciousness that pulsates through all beings, suggesting that we are fractal manifestations of this cosmic vibration.

Follow Your Heart

What does it mean to follow your heart?  This video explores the nuanced dynamics of the heart’s openness and closedness, challenging the commonly held belief that having an open heart at all times is ideal. It delves into the heart’s natural rhythm of opening to draw in and closing to emit, questioning what it truly means to have an open heart and the significance of boundaries.

Exploring the Multiplicity of Trance

In this video taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh discusses the different states of consciousness and the many gradations of trance. He challenges the Western psychological model that confines consciousness to a few states, suggesting our experiences of awareness are much more varied and nuanced.

Integrating Experiences of Rapture

In this clip taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh is asked about integrating experiences of rapture. He emphasizes that the ecstatic state of union with something greater than ourselves is foundational to human ritual and essential for human thriving. This state, he explains, allows us to feel a profound interconnectedness with all beings, inspiring an outpouring of love. Yet, transitioning from the eternal space of ritual back into the everyday poses a challenge.

Ritual Foundations

In this clip, Josh delves into the realm of daily or regular animate ritual practice. With a focus on establishing strong foundations, he introduces his year-long course, The Mythic Body, dedicated to unraveling the fundamentals of daily ritual practice across various traditions. Throughout the discourse, Josh underscores the universal presence of ritual in every culture, highlighting its intrinsic role in human cultural and societal structures. Delving into the significance of rituals as a means of connecting with the animate forces of the world, Josh navigates through the rich tapestry of cultural similarities and differences in ritual practices.

The Story of a Stone

In this excerpt from one of Josh’s Patreon study group calls, he elucidates how each element of creation, from a humble leaf to a weathered stone, encapsulates the story of the entire cosmos. So the tale of each stone contains within it the saga of mountains, tectonic plates, and the Earth itself. To fathom the magnitude of creation, one must acknowledge the infinite expanse encapsulated within each focal point. Every stone, every branch, serves as a gateway to the universe’s core, awaiting exploration through attentive contemplation. Through ritualistic practices, humanity endeavors to forge connections with the infinite.

The Descent of Inanna

In this video taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh discusses the story of Inanna and her descent. This video explores the profound cycle of descent and rise, a theme deeply rooted in both nature and human experience. It explores the necessity of embracing moments of sorrow and lamentation, recognizing them as integral parts of personal and collective growth.

Loving Attention on a Focal Point

In this video, Josh delves into the fundamental significance of ritual center points, exploring how they serve as focal points that open up portals to the eternal. Drawing from various cultural traditions, Josh illuminates the pervasive presence of focal points in rituals worldwide, from circular ceremonial spaces in Native American cultures to the symbolism of the navel in Greek and Indian traditions.