On Prāṇa, Shakti and Consciousness

Josh delves into an exploration of kuṇḍalinī drawn mostly from Tantric understandings of consciousness. He references ancient texts, that portray kuṇḍalinī as a universal wave of consciousness that pulsates through all beings, suggesting that we are fractal manifestations of this cosmic vibration.

Josh explains how individual consciousness and the greater pulse of consciousness intertwine, allowing us to align with the universe’s vibrational rhythms. He explores the interaction between Vimarśa  and Prakāśa, the luminous and self-reflective aspects of consciousness, which generate a tremor, permeating creation. This teaching underscores our vibratory nature and the potential to tune into deeper states of consciousness by resonating with these greater vibrations. In conclusion, Josh emphasizes that consciousness, the breath of life, vibrates as the foundational essence of existence, proposing that spiritual attunement arises from harmonizing with this universal pattern.