Follow Your Heart

What does it mean to follow your heart? The heart opens, closes, draws in, and emits out… what does it mean to have an open heart? What would the world look like if your heart was the world?

The video “Follow Your Heart” explores the nuanced dynamics of the heart’s openness and closedness, challenging the commonly held belief that having an open heart at all times is ideal. It delves into the heart’s natural rhythm of opening to draw in and closing to emit, questioning what it truly means to have an open heart and the significance of boundaries. This discussion illuminates the intricate relationship between being open and vulnerable to the world’s experiences and the necessity of being closed or guarded for self-protection and emission of one’s essence.

Josh uses the physical heart as a metaphor to reveal a deeper understanding of emotional and spiritual openness. He explains how the heart’s opening is an act of drawing in, suggesting that excessive openness may lead to overwhelming intake, while closing allows for the safe emission of one’s inner self. Josh challenges the binary of openness being superior to closedness, asserting that both states hold equal importance in the cosmic structure and in personal growth.

The conversation further explores the implications of following one’s heart, cautioning against the potential destructiveness of impulsively chasing every desire. Josh emphasizes the heart’s sensitivity and its susceptibility to being influenced by past experiences, which can misguide our attractions and desires. He advocates for a balanced approach, encouraging the alignment of the heart with the “great heart” of the universe, seeking a deeper resonance beyond immediate impulses.

This narrative invites viewers to reconsider the romanticized notion of following the heart and to appreciate the value of both openness and closedness. It suggests that true heart alignment involves a thoughtful navigation of heart space, recognizing the need for both exposure and protection, and ultimately striving for a harmony that resonates with the broader cosmic rhythms.