Exploring the Multiplicity of Trance

In this video taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh discusses the different states of consciousness and the many gradations of trance. He challenges the Western psychological model that confines consciousness to a few states, suggesting our experiences of awareness are much more varied and nuanced. From states of ritual ecstasy to the caffeine trance and the shopping stupor, Josh points out how different activities induce distinct states of consciousness, altering our perception and interaction with the world. 

Consciousness alteration is a fundamental human pursuit found in all cultures. This drive towards altering our mental state is not merely for pleasure or escape but is central to the human experience. Drawing from tantric traditions, Josh explains that each deity, mantra, or ritual practice embodies a unique trance state, offering diverse pathways to rapturous consciousness. This session invites us to embrace the multitude of trance states as essential to our journey of self-discovery, urging us to recognize and honor the depth and intricacy of consciousness and its transformative potential.