Integrating Experiences of Rapture

In this video taken from one of the Patreon study group calls, Josh was asked about integrating experiences of rapture.

How can I take the feelings of deep love, reverence and connection that I experience in ritual or when I am soaking in nature and bring that embodied wisdom into my everyday world?

Brief overview:
Josh shares a transformative experience from his youth, listening to Jack Kornfield discuss the integration of spiritual enlightenment into the fabric of daily life. He emphasizes the ecstatic state of union with something greater than ourselves, foundational to human ritual and our innate desire for connectivity and devotional love. This state, he explains, allows us to feel a profound interconnectedness with all beings, inspiring an outpouring of love.

Yet, transitioning from the eternal space of ritual back into the everyday poses a challenge. Josh explores the distinction between chronological time and eternal time, highlighting the necessity of both in our lives. Despite the appeal of dwelling solely in eternal time, practical life demands balance. He notes that even cultures deeply connected to nature recognize the importance of designating specific times for ritual, underscoring the universal human need to alter consciousness through structured practices.

Josh also touches on the modern complexities of integrating profound spiritual experiences, especially those amplified by psychedelic journeys, back into routine life. He proposes that regular access to the eternal through ritual cultivates a vibrational sensitivity, enhancing our awareness of the impact of our words and actions. Ultimately, Josh suggests that spiritual practices are meant to enrich our daily interactions, fostering harmonious relationships and a deeper appreciation for the significance of every moment and interaction.