Ritual Foundations

In this clip, Josh delves into the realm of daily or regular animate ritual practice. With a focus on establishing strong foundations, he introduces his year-long course, The Mythic Body, dedicated to unraveling the fundamentals of daily ritual practice across various traditions.

Throughout the discourse, Josh underscores the universal presence of ritual in every culture, highlighting its intrinsic role in human cultural and societal structures. Delving into the significance of rituals as a means of connecting with the animate forces of the world, Josh navigates through the rich tapestry of cultural similarities and differences in ritual practices.

Drawing examples from diverse traditions such as Celtic, Native American, Tibetan, and Indian tantric traditions, Josh unravels the timeless wisdom embedded in offerings and feeding rituals. Exploring the cyclical nature of existence, Josh delves into the profound concept of offering as a fundamental aspect of ritual practice, emphasizing the importance of emptying one’s cup to receive.

Through anecdotes and reflections, the discourse serves as inspiration for those seeking to cultivate a deeper understanding of ritual practice and its profound significance in the human experience.