The Mythic Body Course

The Mythic Body, a yearlong course of mythic study for dedicated students who want to better understand the ecstatic, animate heart of myth and story, deepen their access to the imaginal core of human experience, explore foundational knowledge common to global ritual traditions, and enhance their practice in their own traditions. Through mythic study, somatic practice, ritual repetition, wilderness immersion, threshold exploration, and shared story, participants will recalibrate and deepen their relationship with body, community, and cosmos.

The course will have deep relevance and deep applicability for bodyworkers, somatic instructors, therapists, depth psychologists, storytellers, public speakers, artists, writers, activists, policy makers, community builders, and all knowledge seekers.

The Mythic Body will be structured around the core commonalities of mytho-somatic experience across the world. The pace of learning will be slow and methodical, and the foundations we build will be deep. We’ll spend a full month and a half unlearning, dismembering, letting go of to do lists. This initial journey of shedding and letting go will be followed by a slow process of consolidation in which basic mytho-somatic foundations of understanding the body, story, community, the animate world, and the cosmos are set. Slowly, with the mythic vision as the guide, participants will begin to rebuild and remember, using the foundations of story and ritual to get there. We’ll deepen focus, find a more vibrant voice, hone skills of offering and devotion, build access to somatic energies and directionalities, connect to center, explore flow, and embrace ritual repetition as our pilgrimage expands and contracts and finally resolves.

The course will also include the voices of other profound teachers and luminaries I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years.